Core team is 9 people + 1 robot with full stack of competences in sales, advertising and production.

In cases when when competencies outside of our experience range are required, we partner with external top service providers, agencies, artists.

Core team

The average age of our core team is 41.

The average experience in the industry 17,5 years, with few members building internet projects since 1998.

They are handpicked, award-winning monsters who have already made 97,58 % of all possible mistakes while building Dot Coms and Web 2.0 for other clients.


During last 25 years we have built a network of trustworthy suppliers ranging from AI to scientists.

Each time we evaluate competences needed for a certain task and build a team and processes accordingly.

Awards & Jury

100+ awards at international advertising, technology, and innovation festivals, including Young Cannes Lions, Golden Joystick, Europrix, Golden Hammer, Golden Spiders, Swedish Business Awards, Adrenalinas, White Square and others.

These awards include titles such as Grand Prix, Agency of the Year, Product of the Year, and personal award by the President Of Lithuania for “Growing a generation of innovative companies”.

20+ have served as jury members or heads of digital jury at international advertising festivals.



  • High – end Product. There are projects we produced 10+ years ago that are still used by clients, still looking great, still selling, still D.R.E..
  • High – end Service. We act upon the old-school concept “Client service oriented thinking and delivery”. The path to the product is as important as the product itself.

5 projects a year. We often say “No” to a project, but when we do take one on, we grind-grind-grind to achieve objectives.

No push to grow business takes off a great deal of stress, overhead, noise and multitasking.

What we do (step by step)

For clarity, the full mechanics are presented below. Depending on the case, it may include the full process or specific components. For example, working with a B2B sales team would be one approach, while working with a B2C digital production would be a different approach.

1. Pre-project audit

Free audit of present sell paths.

  1. Our software examines the interactions between your brand and consumers, and evaluates your current situation.
  2. The human team examines the recommendations provided by AI, measures risks and decides whether we can add any value to existing mechanics.
  3. We present the report and process proposal.

Result: go / no-go with client.

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2. Research

  • Trend analysis
  • Audience analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Category analysis
  • Past data analysis

Result: sell path map with improvement ideas

Often this stage goes as a separate project.

3. Insights

  • Brand essence: positioning, message, archetype
  • Sell paths per each audience.
  • Sell processes, team roles, employee competences
  • Traffic strategy: media, social, content, pr, other
  • Functional requirements and technical documentation.

Result: Ideas turned into projects.

4. Creative

  • Creative ideas
  • Scenarios
  • Art directing
  • Brand building
  • Copyright
  • Technical creativity

Result: detailed project concepts.

5. Production

To name a few

  • Digital: websites, eCommerce, self-service, apps
  • Offiline: public speaking presentations, direct sales materials, exhibitions,
  • Content: from text to interactive videos

Result: project implementation.

6. Testing

  • Functional Testing.
  • Usability Testing.
  • Interface Testing.
  • Database Testing.
  • Performance Testing.
  • Compatibility Testing.
  • Security Testing.

Result: project tine-tuning.

7. Training

Facilitation of systemic growth of sales structures with an organisation:

  • Theory
  • Workshops
  • Mentoring

Result: Buildup of competences, processes, values.

8. Constant fine-tuning of system

We measure the results and, as needed, repeat the cycle described above.

Result: Constant work to improve the efficiency of the mechanism of sales and advertising.

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