Project scope

Build a persuasion mechanics and train sales team to sell cottages.

Target audiences: 2.

Project length: 3 months.

Project team: 4 people.

Problem: big competition of similar projects in the same area.

Objectives: sell cottages with minimum discounts, increase sales team efficiency

Step #1: Point A

  1. Market competition analysis.
  2. Target audience analysis.
  3. Evaluation of present sell path and tools.
  4. Evaluation of sales team competence level.

Step #2 Deconstruction

  1. All usable sales arguments listed.
  2. Separated from competitors’.
  3. Prioritized according to persuasion strength.
  4. Same process repeated with weaknesses and possible client objections.

Step #3 New milestones

Milestones with objectives were put together. The whole experience was separated in different dynamic modes in order to slow client’s exhaustion.

  • Importance of the first impression and instructions how achieve that.
  • Importance of human connection and instructions how to achieve that.
  • Client re-segmentation during conversation phase. Our story fine-tuning accordingly.
  • Evaluation of couple decision making power balance (in case there are 2 family members participating). Story and energy readjustment.
  • Jumping between exact technical construction and poetic-sugary emotional jargons.

Step #4 Mapping

Mapping all phases of presentation

  • Client sits and listens/watches a presentation.
  • Client sits and answers our questions.
  • Client walks around territory.
  • Client walks around sample cottage.
  • Client comes back to our meeting room, sits and listens again.

Step #5 Mini scenarios

Monologue / conversation scenario per each milestone was written.

An example of detail level: A house presentation is boring 1 hour process. There was high likelihood that clients already had several meetings on that day. Audience being exhausted highly decreased chance of their focus, thus our persuasiveness.

During a meeting setup try arrange it as early in the morning as possible. If client proposes time which is earlier than the start of your workday – agree.

Step #6: Tools and training

Selling presentations were put together.


  1. Theory: public speaking, persuasion, presentation, focus,
  2. Practical training with new sales scenario and tools.
  3. Rehearsing.
  4. Fine tuning.

Questions -> Answers

How long did it take for a team to learn everything by heart?

4-6 weeks.

In terms of the pitch, the original text was 56 pages long. We suggested not memorizing all of it word-for-word, but rather using it as a framework, tailoring the information to the specific situation, the client’s education level and interests.

What was the result?

All cottages sold with few discounts.

Did team resist?

To reduce potential resistance, we involved the client’s sales team in the process from the beginning. The project was co-created by the client’s team and our copywriters, and we found that incorporating their input led to improvements in our initial assumptions and methods, resulting in a better final outcome.

Any essential findings?

An ideal sales pitch is when the product sells itself without the help of a salesman. We recommend client including the sales team in the decision-making process before purchasing a land plot for a new project. This would allow them to model the sales pitch and understand its potential prior to investment.

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